Sarah Palin’s year and a half premature resignation makes no sense to anyone, it seems. Rumors are ripe about her possibly being under investigation for corruption, not liking her sudden rise to the top of national politics, or being involved in seemingly minor scandals. The most recent rumor suggests extramarital affairs committed by both her and her husband are prompting the possibility of divorce.

The world will have to wait and see, I suppose, why she actually resigned. I, for one, don’t buy that she did “what was best for Alaska.” I am glad, however, that she resigned. I hope that she never returns to elected office again, both for the good of the country and the good of the Republican Party. There was a time when Republicans stood for limited government, a non-interventionist foreign policy, and an alternate intellectual side to elitist Democrats. Barry Goldwater. Robert Taft. Bill Buckley (though not a limited government guy on some issues). Those were the people that were respectable Republicans.

Now? Sarah Palin represents, unfortunately, how anti-intellectualism is captivating the Republican base. Apparently the fact that Obama is educated and successful is a bad thing. Being smart is ‘elitist’. Conservatism, in Reagan’s heyday, was a respectful dissident intellectual movement. Today: a backwards-looking group of grumpy ideologues.

It has been encouraging to see a large amount of Republicans/conservatives/libertarians criticize Palin for her idiocy. But unfortunately, she is still popular amongst a lot of conservatives.

I don’t really care why Palin resigned, as long as she stays out of politics for the rest of her life.