This blog’s co-author, Will, e-mailed me to ask about my WordPress icon, which is this picture:


It’s the Specials, a British 2 tone ska revival band from the late ’70s/early ’80s.  They’re know for a shuffling, pre-reggae Jamaican pop crossed with Clash-style British punk sound, skinny ties, porkpie hats, and political lyrics.  They’re awesome, and you should check them out.

Anyway, with former New York City mayor, Ron Paul presidential primary debate sparring partner, and notoriously 9/11 obsessed authoritarian lunatic Rudy Giuliani in the news lately as he mulls over his potential political future as New York governor or recycled republican presidential candidate (as reported by my friend Tim Mak), I think it’s fitting to pay tribute to this Specials song, “A Message to You Rudy”, which I consider to be one of the great musical achievements of the latter half of the twentieth century.