The Post Office, in trouble financially, might get a bailout from Congress:

Democrats moved Thursday to give special relief to the financially strapped Postal Service, which would be allowed to defer $4 billion in payments due at the end of this month to cover retirement benefits for its employees.

This scares me because it makes me think that Obama’s Public Option for healthcare will eventually be in the same situation. The post office and the proposed public option for healthcare are both government-run entities set to compete with private firms. In theory, the post office or public option are not meant to get subsidies in order to get an unfair edge over the likes of UPS, FedEx, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc. If the public option ran a deficit, I have to think the government would step in to help them out. As such, I am inclined to believe that the public option will, in time, just become a huge liability that will only increase the deficit.