The Obama administration is telling federal officials to not target state-sanctioned medical marijuana users. My first reaction is glee but my second is skepticism. As Nick Gillespie points out,

The devil is in the details, of course, and how the policy is enforced (or not). But it represents the most compassionate and sensible policy to come out of Washington in a very long time.

I’ll believe it when I see it, I guess. On one hand, Obama’s drug czar has told of his desire to end the absurdity that is known as the “War on Drugs”. On the other, political stickiness can stop campaign promises like this from being fulfilled.

But telling law enforcement that their priorities should be finding those who commit murder, rape, or arson instead of pursuing non-violent drug users is a great first step. On the other hand, this will only apply to states where medical marijuana is legal – and to people who have legal prescriptions. So in states without such privileges, cops will still be going after that stoner in the basement just as much as a murderer. Whatever. Ending drug prohibition won’t happen overnight.

This is happening as public support for the legalization of marijuana has reached a historically high 44%.