The Detroit Lions used to play their games in the Silverdome. Although it was originally built in 1975 for the cost of $55.7 million, the Silverdome sold today for $583,000. That’s not a typo. Detroit’s problems just keep getting worse:

Michigan’s economic woes are well known. The state’s unemployment rate is 14.3 percent, well above the national rate of 10.2 percent. Two of the state’s Big Three automakers went through taxpayer-funded bankruptcy. Heck, the Lions even went 0-16 last year.

Pontiac, the Detroit suburb where the Silverdome is located, is even worse off. The 60,000-person city is in dire straits. It could no longer afford the $1.5 million upkeep on the Silverdome, which has been largely empty since the Lions left for their new Ford Field in 2002.