With world leaders meeting in Copenhagen to discuss how to tackle climate change, support for nuclear power seems to be on the rise by even the peskiest of environmentalists. From a bystander with limited knowledge’s point of view, nuclear power, though not a silver bullet for solving environmental problems, seems to be a good feasible solution to reducing carbon emissions in the least costly way.

The plants are expensive. The mishandling of it can be more than lethal. Putting nuclear power in the hands of Holocaust-denying lunatics doesn’t make the world safer. But I think environmentalists need to stop believing that windmills and solar power can fuel a world that is seeing energy demands soar. The eradication of poverty by the hundreds of millions in Southeast Asia in the last twenty years accompanies with it the inconvenience that those people need power. A renewable, perfectly clean, abundant, cost-efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and quickly attainable energy source has yet to be found. So until that perfect thing is found, let’s explore the best alternatives.