It seems that all sorts of publications are coming out with best-of lists for the year for movies, music, moments, relationships, whatever. So why not have a best-of for the year for Upset Patterns? After less than 6 months and 122 posts, here are the most active (in terms of comments and views) from our year here:

  1. Bush Should Have Gotten the Nobel Prize – Isn’t there a double standard when it comes to partisan judgement of politicians?
  2. Doctors are Welfare Queens and Ryanair and Medical Licensure – Does doctor licensure protect the poor from bad doctors or hurt them by driving up prices and taking away options?
  3. Environmentalists Need Some Hayek – Can the price system be a better alternative for factoring in the social cost of carbon emissions?
  4. Organic Food, Organic Corp., and Now, Organic Food Healthier? – Does organic food really live up to its image as a healthier, environmentally friendly, and ethical way to support small businesses and feel good about yourself?