When we went into Iraq to – arguably – prevent further murdering by Saddam Hussein of tens of thousands of his own people, most of the world criticized the United States for “policing the world”. When the monks in Burma were being oppressed by their government, people asked why we weren’t doing anything to help the monks – aka police the world. It seems like America just can’t win when it comes to international decisions of trying to do the right thing.

The horrible situation in Haiti is no exception. Apparently, the United States’ efforts in Haiti to securitize the country and provide food, water, and other aid is being deemed an “occupation” by the French. Yes, the U.S. is sending in troops. But guess what. American soldiers are better at preventing riots and looting than Red Cross workers. According to the Telegraph article, security isn’t too much of an issue for the time being. So maybe troop presence can arguably be construed justifiably as unnecessary force or presence. But an occupation? It seems America just can’t please anybody.