Greg Mankiw points out the illogical criticism being heaved at Republicans that opposed the Obama stimulus plan but still accepted money for their districts:

Let me offer an analogy.  Many Democratic congressmen opposed the Bush tax cuts.  That was based, I presume, on their honest assessment of the policy.  But once these tax cuts were passed, I bet these congressmen paid lower taxes.  I bet they did not offer to hand the Treasury the extra taxes they would have owed at the previous tax rates.  Would it make sense for the GOP to suggest that these Democrats were disingenuous or hypocritical?  I don’t think so.  Many times, we as individuals benefit from policies we opposed.  There is nothing wrong about that.

Mark Sanford tried to take a principled stance by refusing stimulus money for his state of South Carolina. While I mildly admire his courage to do so, I think it was more a political ploy than a reasonable action. Regardless of whether Sanford supported the stimulus or not, Obama got it passed and the stimulus was going to happen. That stimulus was going to be funded by Treasury-borrowing. In the end, taxpayers foot the bill. South Carolinians are part of that taxpayer base. They’re going to pay for it anyway, so why is it wrong for them to benefit from it?