An old person in a bad neighborhood in Chicago has yet again used a gun to defend herself against some hooligans.

Margaret Matthews, 68, said she had been harassed for more than a year by a pair of boys in her South Shore neighborhood. On Tuesday, the boys stood on a shed in her front yard hurling bricks at her. Matthews, exasperated and uncertain whether police would respond, pulled out a gun and shot at them.

In this instance, Ms. Matthews was clearly being threatened. She is a frail old lady and was being harassed by boys who were throwing bricks at her. One of the bricks hit her in the chest. She had called the police shortly before this incident occurred, in response to the boys breaking her windows as she returned home.

Given this situation, what do gun control advocates suggest Ms. Matthews do? She called the police. They didn’t do anything. How is she to defend herself? Doesn’t she at least have a right to? She lives in a frightening neighborhood and was hit in the chest by a brick. If everyday citizens aren’t allowed to defend themselves and must only depend on the state for protection (which clearly didn’t work here), the people who need protection most aren’t going to get it. Short of a policeman on every corner – aka a “police state” – people at some point will inevitably have to defend themselves. This instance is a pretty good example, I think, of how the right to own a gun actually deters crime.