A USA Today analysis finds that workers in certain agencies in the federal government are more likely to die than lose their job. And no, the agencies I’m talking about are not the marines or people who test the safety of nuclear reactors. The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission, employing 1,800 and 1,200 people respectively, didn’t lay off a SINGLE person last year. Imagine that. Are all those people really that productive? “We’ve never focused on firing people, and we don’t intend to start now. We’re more focused on hiring the right people,” said a Housing and Urban Development spokesman. In comparison, the private sector has a turnover rate of about 3%.

Does this show that government is actually really good at hiring the best people? I don’t think so. Why would they have better information about an applicants fit for a job compared to the private sector? Does the government’s extra job security for its workers provide a societal benefit that the private sector just isn’t willing to give to its workers? No. It’s inefficiency. I thought only teachers in the public sector has insane job security, but apparently it can be applied to many other sectors of government as well.

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