Yeah, it’s a sample size of one. But this is a pretty good story of what charter schools can do.

In a recent poll by Gallup, more than half of respondents thought charter schools were private, could charge tuition, could have admissions standards, and/or taught some sort of religious values. ALL WRONG! Support for them is increasing, according to the same poll, but the general public’s knowledge of them is shockingly off.

For those who don’t know, charter schools:

  • Cannot charge tuition. They are publicly funded, on average spending 70% of traditional public schools.
  • Have just as much difficulty expelling students as traditional public schools.
  • Have randomized lotteries for admission, so no ability-based admission is permissible.
  • Cannot be religiously affiliated.

Charter schools are public in that they can’t choose whom they admit and use taxpayer dollars. They differ from most public schools because they are run by private organizations that are free from many regulations that hold back public schools. Their teachers are also often not unionized.