New podcast episode with Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles about their new book The Captured Economy:

Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles argue in their new book “The Captured Economy” that the last few decades have been characterized by an increase in political rent-seeking. Focusing on the financial sector, intellectual property laws, occupational licensure, and land use, they show how legislation has been captured by special interests in ways that slow growth and increase inequality. In this episode, Lindsey and Teles discuss how these policies distort various markets and cause upward redistribution, as well as the different ways we can work to better “rent-proof” our politics.


I can’t believe I overlooked this news for almost a month, but the cute countryside Scottish town that I have called home for the last two years will be hosting the next G-20 summit! The last summit was in Pittsburgh, where financial ministers from 20 countries around the world discussed the global economic downturn. Naturally, St Andrews – being at the crux of international business – is hosting the next meeting. They won’t disclose where they are meeting, but maybe I’ll see Timothy Geithner at the pub at night.