As my high school’s class president, I participated with my Congressman, Mark Kirk, in doing some service projects and other miscellaneous activities. Although I didn’t agree with him on every issue, I still found him to be a standup guy and a good representation of the northern suburbs of Chicago: pro-environment, pro-gun control, pro-Iraq War, pro-tax cuts, pro-stem cell research, pro choice, etc.

Kirk came under fire from conservatives all around over the summer when he was one of nine house Republicans to vote in favor of the Waxman-Markey climate bill. I thought the bill was pretty ripe with inefficient ways to tackle global warming, but I still mentally supported Kirk because I thought he was a better alternative to the hyper-liberal that runs against him named Dan Seals.

While I won’t throw any sort of support to Dan Seals, I have officially stopped supporting Kirk in any way. Why? Kirk has sought the endorsement of anti-intellectual superstar Sarah Palin in his bid for the United States Senate. First of all, I think he’s an idiot for thinking this will help him. Second of all, it’s Sarah Palin.